Help us

Help us out this July

Three reasons to donate

  1. Create jobs for performing artists

  2. Give opportunity to Pro/Pre-pro dancers to take a workshop at a low cost

  3. Give a chance to those who have never experienced contemporary movement a chance to do so

To read more about this please check out our GoFundMe page below.

Recently, Bodies in Action ~ enGendering Contemporary Dance has been creating work that challenges contemporary dance and we hope to continue to do so. We aim to raise these amounts of funds because we want to continue to create social change by hosting classes, workshops, discussions, and performances by integrating the community in need.

What the fund will be used for

Recently, we have been given a space to host our first workshop/performance throughout a week in mid-July. Throughout this week, we will be hosting classes and workshops that benefit the entire gender spectrum community alongside more gender-specific classes leading up to three days of performances.

What one of the days may look like

Pro Contemporary Morning Class: A place where professionals or pre-professionals can come take a class at ease to rediscover, improve upon, or heighten movement skills or technique. During these classes, we encourage a "free to be you and me" attitude so there is continuously a sense of inclusivity.

Workshop: A space where individuals can practice learning new contemporary phrase work in a welcoming, encouraging, and non-judgmental setting.

General Movement Class: A guided movement session exclusively for people who have never experienced dance who identify as Queer, Intersex, Transgender, Non-Binary, Agender, Two-spirit, or Third Gender.

Organised Discussion: A place where individuals of all gender identities are free to come in and join a discussion about how we can continue to create change throughout the contemporary dance industry and reshape it to fit everyone's needs.

Performance: Through performance, we will be able to share new works by emerging and professional choreographers to share with an audience. This will be beneficial as we will continue to expose new audiences to what contemporary dance is and what it can become.

We believe that £5,500 will give us the necessary foundation in order to build our organisation efficiently and give the availability to create change. Initially, we want to encourage people to become more involved so if we hit the target, we will offer our services FREE OF CHARGE while paying our artists/leaders/and performers. We will use these funds to create events in order to expose ourselves as a organisation to our audience.