What We Do


Bodies in Action ~ enGendering Contemporary Dance based in East London is a Community Interest Company dance organisation founded by dancer and choreographer Julian Nichols. As a company, we strive to provide audiences and communities with engaging contemporary dance by hosting different classes, workshops, organized discussions, and performances. We aim to bridge the gap by including and exposing those who identify along or on the ends of the gender spectrum by challenging conventional gender roles that are the dominant factor of contemporary dance now. As physical bodies, we share our perspective through the lens of a simple, yet revolutionary idea: we stand and encourage people to live in their authentic skin without succumbing to societal pressures of conformity. The gender spectrum, as well as sexual orientation, has become polarizing in recent times, yet we, in the end, are all human. To this end, Bodies in Action promotes equality among all despite gender identity, race, age, sexual orientation, body type, and physical ability through both creations and diversity of the company.

Our work aims to expand societal awareness about gender authenticity by tackling stereotypes of what it is to be human. In today’s society, despite crucial advances, there remains an apparent stigma for those that don’t identify as a man or woman or that do not have heterosexual relations. While society continues to expand its acceptance of gender there is still a lot of unexplored and unimagined possibilities. Bodies in Action pushes our gender forward-thinking through progressive artistic representations about what it means to live and move in a spectrum of gendered ways. Bodies in Action gives an immediate and transparent perspective of bodies integrating through movement without regard to gender by embracing all genders across the spectrum.

To this end, Bodies in Action employs and supports dancers, choreographers, and people that identify across the gender spectrum: transgender, gender-neutral, non-binary, agender, pangender, genderqueer, two-spirit, third gender, male, female, and all, none, or any combination of the above, as well as people who's sexual orientation, lies within the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our Mission

Bodies in Action provides world-class contemporary dance without the stereotypical gender roles and narratives that have been prevalent in dance. With revolutionary ideas from contemporary choreographers, we bring a new perspective about gender and stereotypical looks to contemporary dance and its content. We provide the community with:

  • Cutting-edge contemporary dance that transforms what we typically see on stage

  • A sense of inclusion hosting movement workshops for all to show that dance has no boundaries

  • Changing perspective on social norms and tackling societal issues through art

  • Exposing dancers and those interested to a new form of what contemporary dance is

  • Providing professionals/pre-professionals/recreational/LGBTQIA+ organizations and charities with workshops on movement and choreographic approaches

  • Collaborating with visual artists and set designers to create immersive experiences

  • The marriage between art, contemporary dance, theatre, and activism

Through all of our aims, we will continue to develop our vision while listening to the outside in order to broaden our horizons for the greater good of our cause.

Throughout our world, we continue to realize that societies’ views are constantly evolving and we vow to continue to shed light on our changing values of inclusion and acceptance for all. We, as a company and movement stand with social justice organizations that promote the equality of all people and their right to gender fluidity. We also support social justice organizations such as black lives matter and feminist organizations that stand up for women’s rights. We stand with the “fight back” movements and organizations that have been treated unfairly, and encourage unbiased justice. Through the transformative medium of dance, we will continue to uplift, unify, and love. This is our contribution to the struggle of the oppressed. With these ideas at the forefront of our company, we will show the world that we have more in common than different. We will continue to project love and acceptance rather than indifference and hate.